Sunday, September 27, 2009

Synergy is a Company with Compassion

I want to take a moment today and talk a little about Synergy Worldwide and what they stand for. I am a true believer that the synergy products work and that is why I write about them on this blog. These products have helped me control my diabetes and it is my desire to share this with others suffering from diabetes, this is why this blog is called Diabetic Help.

Synergy is a 10 year old company, that is in many different countries. Synergy was started in Japan and slowly grew to where it is today. Synergy has just hit the point were it will grow dramatically. But I don't want to just talk about how great the company is or how great the products are, I want to talk about what is driving this business.

Synergy has dedicated its business to helping others. That is what is instilled in the minds of the corporate operations people and all of the distributors.

I just attended a regional conference here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Most of this conference was all about helping people feeling better, becoming healthier and saving peoples lives. They did not spend these days just pumping a bunch of hype and flashy presentation, this conference was about helping others. Whether it is helping physically, financially or socially, it is all about helping.

Synergy has a motto of "Leave a Legacy" and this company is doing that. They participate is community and worldly humanitarian projects, they donate to the JDRF and they truly care about this motto.

I write this blog to try and help someone along the way. If my way of controlling diabetes can help someone else then I am "leaving a Legacy". It is not just about the products, it is not just about signing people up with Synergy, it is about making a difference and changing peoples lives. My goal here with Diabetic Help is to help others and change peoples lives.

If you wound like to take with me more about what I am doing or how I am controlling my diabetes, please e-mail me at I don't want to put my phone number out here but if you e-mail me and really want to talk I will send it to you.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Heart Disease and Diabetes

Did you know that 1 out of 3 people will end up with some form of heart disease? Also did you know that 2 out of 3 people with diabetes will die from heart disease or stroke? People with diabetes have twice the chance of getting heart disease, so what is the correlation between heart disease and diabetes? People with diabetes have a higher rate of high blood pressure, a higher rate of cholesterol and a much higher rate of hardening of the arteries. It is suggested that the added stress to the heart from the ups and downs of blood sugar levels may contribute to these higher rates of problems. It is also suggested that with this additional stress to the circulatory system the veins and arteries contract and can not relax. This constant contractions leads to the hardening of the arteries, restricted blood flow and higher blood pressure.

Another suggestion that has recently been talked about in the medical world is nitric oxide. It has been found that people with diabetes have lower levels of nitric oxide in their blood stream. It is not sure why but suggested that the diabetic stress or contracted arteries may be part of this lower level. What is nitric oxide and what does it do? Nitric oxide is produced when we take in an amino acid called l-arginine. L-arginine comes from red meat and some nuts, but most people as they age need more l-arginine and usually eat less of the foods that provide it. Nitric oxide stimulates the endothelia and causes the artery to relax. This is the only purpose of nitric oxide but is so vital to a healthy circulatory system. Relaxed arteries and veins reduce plaque build up, reduce high blood pressure and reduce hardening of the arteries. So nitric oxide in the body is crucial and is many times absent, leading to heart disease.

But it needs to be noted that just taking a l-arginine supplement may not always help. Another amino acid need to assist l-arginine is l-citruline. L-citruline helps the nitric oxide last longer in the blood stream. With out l-citruline the nitric oxide is very short lived and thus not reaching all parts of the circulatory system. So what are some steps to reduce the most evident chance a diabetic will get heart disease? The American Diabetes Association suggests following you ABCs of diabetes. A is for keeping your A1c in check or below 7 B is for keeping your blood pressure in line C is for keeping your cholesterol levels down They also suggest losing weight, stop smoking, physical exercise and staying on your medication. But I want to take this a step further. As you noticed the ADA never once mentioned taking a supplement of l-arginine, increasing omega fatty acids or using any natural products to help with a healthier body. If you look hard on the ADA or the AHA site you will find that the main sponsors of these sites are the major pharmaceutical companies. They want to keep you on the medications and not completely stop the use of their products. That is why I want to offer an addition to the ADA recommendations.

If you study l-arinine and the affects that nitric oxide has on the circulatory system, you will find it does many great things for our bodies. Many of the complications of diabetes are related to poor circulation. So if you can increase blood circulation, relax the vessels and lower blood pressure many of these complications would be drastically reduced. One example is the loss of limbs, which are the most common complications. This is because the feet and legs are the farthest from the heart and without proper blood flow to them; they begin to die, resulting in amputation. A strong l-arginine, l-citruline complex may be just the product to help diabetics with better overall circulation.

I want to introduce you to an endocrinologist that has spent his life researching and studying what l-arginine can do for diabetics. Dr. Joe Predergast has an operating endocrinologist practice in California. Dr. Predergast has been treating patients for years with a product called Proagri 9 Plus. Prior to using this l-arginine supplement he regularly referred patients onto several different heart specialists. Now he very seldom refers patients to any heart specialist. He has taken heart disease out of his diabetic patients, anyway the ones willing to take the product. Another great reference to the benefits of l-arginine is a book called No More Heart Disease by Dr. Louis Ignarro. Dr. Ignarro along with two other doctors won the Nobel Prize with their discovery of what nitric oxide does to the circulatory system.

So you might ask why we do not hear more about this. Well the pharmaceutical industry makes billions a year on heart and diabetes medications. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women; diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death. The pharmaceutical industry continue to keep adding products to reduce this rate but still has not done so, but they sure keep increasing their sales. So do your research and you decide if Proargi 9 Plus may benefit you or someone you may know? The evidence is out there and is evident in Dr. Prendergst's practice.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Reduced Nitric Oxide in Diabetic Patients

From the many researches in the past 10 years it is evident that the proper amount of nitric oxide helps reduce cardiovascular disease. But in a resent study at UCLA School of Medicine it is found that people with diabetes have an even harder time producing nitric oxide. With higher rates of high blood pressure, uncontrollable blood sugar and other circulatory issues, diabetic bodies have to work harder to produce nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide has to come from some type of food source, mostly red meat. Many with diabetes cut out red meat to help reduce weight, so they are not getting any nitric oxide. This may be the reason why people with diabetes have a 4 to 6 time higher rate of cardiovascular disease.

Adding a supplement to help increase the nitric oxide levels in the diabetic body may be very important. This can be achieve very easily with a product called Proargi 9 Plus.

I have been taking Proargi 9 Plus for many months and have found great results. I have reduced my A1c from 11.7 to 4.7. I have had a 4.7 the last two check ups. I contribute this to my diet, exercise and the nutritional products I take. I would like to explain this to others that are suffering from diabetes. Please contact me at

Here is a link to the Proargi 9 Plus site

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pancreas in Diabetes

I came across this article the other day and it explains the root cause of diabetes. It is sad that many of the cases of diabetes could be deterred with proper eating habits.

Here is a link to the article: The Root Cause for Diabetes

Stop Heart Disease with Proargi 9 Plus

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

ProArgi 9 Plus

ProArgi 9 plus contains L-arginine and is a semi-essential amino acid that has shown promise in the prevention of atherosclerosis (blockage of the arteries). L-arginine is pure 100% free form arginine and is the precursor for nitric oxide (NO). Dr. Louis Agnarro was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998 for discovering nitric oxide's role. In a healthy inner wall of a blood vessel, nitric oxide (NO) will keep vessels pliable and elastic, dilate blood vessels keeping blood flowing smoothly, relax blood vessels, keep platelets and white blood cells calm and prevent them from sticking to the vessel wall, prevent oxidation, slow plaque growth, suppress atherosclerosis and melt away plaque that already exists.

After arginine is consumed in foods and in supplements, it makes its way into the bloodstream and circulates throughout the body. As it enters the endothelial cells that line the smooth muscle walls of blood vessels, an enzymatic reaction occurs that converts arginine to nitric oxide, which in turn can have a dramatic and positive effect on your cardiovascular health.

There are over 75,000 medically published clinical studies attesting to the fact that arginine will:

help lower blood pressure
lower cholesterol and triglycerides
improve diabetes
improve sexual function
reduce blood clots and strokes
improve congestive heart failure
improve wound healing
improve liver and kidney function
improve memory and cognitive functions
improve human growth hormone (HGH)
improve muscle growth and performance and much more

The Silent Killers

Heart Disease -- 62 million at risk -- 960,000 die each year
Strokes -- 22 million suffer -- 164,000 die each year
High Blood Pressure -- 52 million suffer -- 45,000 die each year
High cholesterol -- 36 million suffer -- 515,000 die each year
Diabetes -- 18 million suffer -- 71,000 die each year
Obesity -- 60 million suffer -- 350,000 obesity related deaths each year

See how many people each year die from heart related illness and just think many of them could have been saved if the medical world would get more involved in curing the problem instead of treating the symptom.
Your doctor will discourage you from taking these types of products but take it upon your self to find help. Read my about ProArgi 9 Plus at My

Contact me for more information.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Key measure to help Control Diabetes

Here are some key areas that need checked to help control diabetes. Talk to your doctor and make sure you are getting complete checkups.

This blood test measures blood sugar control over the past 90 days. The closer your A1C is to that of people who do not have diabetes, the less chance you have of damage occurring to your heart, eyes , kidneys and blood vessels. This should be tested 4 times a year and the goal is to be less than 7 on the A1c scale.
Blood Pressure
High blood pressure (hypertension) can lead to heart attack, heart failure, stroke or kidney failure. Both the AHA and ADA recommend blood pressures less than 130/80. Check your blood pressure often and check with your doctor if it is higher than these numbers.
Foot Inspection
You should check your feet daily for redness, swelling, cracks or calluses. These signs could be warning signs to complications due to having diabetes. In addition, people with diabetes should have there feet inspected by a health care provider every year.
Dilated Retinal (eye) examination
People with diabetes should have a dilated retinal examination every year. Early detection and treatment of changes in your eye can help prevent blindness.
Fasting Lipid Profile
High levels of lipids (fat) in the blood can lead to heart problems. people with diabetes are at a higher risk for heart related problems and strokes. Lipid profile test should be done once a year. If diet and exercise can not control high fat in blood, medications may be needed.
Urinary Protein/Micro albumin
Measuring the urinary protein will you and your doctor information about the health of your kidneys and blood vessels. This should be done once a year.

These are measure and checks to see if your diabetes is being controlled and your body is working properly. Watching these areas of your health can reduce many of the complications that come from diabetes.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why struggle with Diabetes

I work in the building industry and also write another blog called Green Building Ideas. I am not writing this post to promote my other blog. I am writing to talk about the people I work with in this industry.

I find myself at luncheons, meetings or just around the work place running into other diabetics. I am always surprised at how I find out others are diabetic. Someone will offer me a treat and I will say no thank you I am diabetic. Almost always someone will say "oh don't worry about it I am diabetic too". I see people all the time eating cookies or some other sugary treat and the are diabetic.

I work hard at keeping my blood sugar inline and keeping my weight down. I have been very successful and I do not want to lose ground. But I also seem to get advice from these same people eating the treats at how it is not a big deal and don't worry about what you eat so much.

I have observed these same people since knowing they have diabetes and have found they seem to have more health issues than their coworkers. Now I have to assume that if they worked a little harder at taking care of their diabetes they may not have these issues.

As we go into this New Year and decide on the New Year resolutions, diabetic should put controlling their diabetes at the top.

Eating proper foods, exercising and getting the right nutrients should be every diabetic New Year's resolution. I know it will be mine!